If your aging loved one is like most, they want to remain in their current home for as long as possible. Sadly, most seniors eventually face functional limitations that interfere with their ability to lead an independent lifestyle. When that day comes, older adults — and their families — often must choose between receiving care at home versus moving into a facility. What follows are several reasons why more and more families in Bradenton are now choosing home care as the best option for their aging loved ones. 

Freedom and Familiarity

Health permitting, your loved one will enjoy maximum freedom while engaging in normal daily activities surrounded by family and friends. While receiving care in the least restrictive environment possible, your family member will be allowed to remain in the same community that they’ve become so familiar with.

Personalized Care

Unlike in a facility, home care is personalized based on the recipient’s specific needs. Whether delivered by other family members or professional caregivers, your senior will enjoy one-on-one attention while receiving custom-tailored care from someone they trust and feel comfortable with.


In-home care will give your family more input over the type of care your loved one will receive. This allows you and your senior to be more active participants in the care planning process while empowering you both with a sense of control. On the other hand, the average facility uses a pre-established agenda to plan activities and routines.


When it comes to senior care, the adage “there’s no place like home” certainly rings true. Sleeping in a comfy bed, sitting on one’s favorite couch, or bathing in a familiar bathroom are all positives for a senior’s dignity, self-esteem, and independence.

Living out the remainder of their lives surrounded by friends and family is highly beneficial for an aging adult’s health and wellbeing. In most cases, seniors who remain at home enjoy more active and fulfilling lives than those residing in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.


Many assisted living facilities are not capable of, or charge extra for, providing the same level of personalized care that professional in-home caregivers can deliver. Whether their services are needed for a few hours a day or a few hours per week, a home care provider will work with your family to accommodate your loved one’s changing needs. If your relative requires 24-hour clock care or end-of-life care, the average home care agency can handle that too!

Less Stress

Although it’s highly gratifying, serving as a family caregiver can often be a demanding, stressful, and thankless job. Professional home care eases the burden on the family while further preventing them from not having to feel guilty about uprooting their loved ones.

Visiting an assisted living facility or nursing home and seeing your senior unhappy can be a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes, facility lockdowns due to the threat of spreading an infectious disease like COVID can prevent you from seeing your loved one at all. Home care allows that special someone in your life to live out the rest of their life in the company of fellow family members.

Peace of Mind

Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility or nursing home is a real game-changer that can have a dramatic emotional impact on the entire family. Conversely, home care gives you the option of seeing if aging in place will work. Not having to uproot your loved one and completely change their routine will provide all parties involved with renewed peace of mind!

An Extended Family in Your Loved One’s Home

Finding the best home care provider to look after your aging loved one can be challenging. At First In Care, our compassionate caregivers can step in and provide your seniors with the care and companionship they so desperately need. While serving as an extended family in your loved one’s home, our highly trained professionals understand what’s required to maintain a client’s quality of life, along with their dignity and self-esteem.

Uniquely tailored to your family’s needs, First In Care can provide in-home support for daily living activities like personal hygiene, light housework, medication reminders, dementia care, transportation, and much more. Our senior caregiving services are affordable, flexible, and always delivered in a seamless package that restores your peace of mind. To learn more now about our private home health and concierge services in Bradenton and Manatee County, Florida, please visit www.firstincare.com.