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When you call First in Care Home Health Agency, Inc., chances are that one of our owners, John Bresnick or Dawn Riccio, answers the phone so they can personally address your questions and concerns. Their direct involvement in all aspects of the business, from formulating the plan of care to scheduling the caregivers, as well as direct supervision of each case, truly sets our agency apart. This dedication to quality patient care is our hallmark, from 1-hour bath visits to 24/7 comprehensive care.

Urinary Tract Infections in Seniors: The Risks and How they Differ

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are more common in elders than in younger people, and symptoms vary for older people. This article reviews structure of the urinary tract; its changes as we age; risk factors and signs of a UTI; and prevention strategies, including the benefits of professional caregivers. The Urinary Tract: Its structure and age-related [...]

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How do I Find a Professional Caregiver?

Your aging parent has finally reached the point where they need some in-home care, and you’ve tried to step in and provide the nurturing assistance they need. Unfortunately, with everything else on your plate it’s starting to physically and emotionally wear you down. At this time you’re considering a professional caregiver for your mom or [...]

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Adapting to the Changing Needs of Your Elderly Parents

Parents provide nurturing and love to their children as they transition into adulthood. But one day you wake up and the roles are reversed. Most families eventually have to face the stark reality that their elderly parents are experiencing declining health due to aging. Balancing your elderly loved one’s diminishing health with their independence and [...]

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Receiving Home Care Services During Hospice

When a family member is diagnosed with limited life expectancy, he or she often has a strong desire to spend the final days in the comfort of home. However, caring for a loved one at the end of life can be emotionally challenging and physically exhausting. First In Care Home Health Agency can support you [...]

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Making Family Visits Pleasant and Safe for the Elderly

Visiting your aging family members is important for their physical and emotional well being. Remaining connected with family decreases social isolation and improves health outcomes. Yet, family visits can be challenging. Complicated dynamics, busy lives, and changing roles are things all families face. With a bit of planning and thoughtfulness, family visits can be less [...]

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How to Avoid the Perils of Going Home After a Hospital Stay

Getting the news that you’ll be heading home from the hospital can be a big relief at first. Recovering from an injury or illness in your own home is, for the most part, a much more comfortable experience than it is in the hospital. Unfortunately, the reality of leaving the hospital is that you’ll be [...]

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Scheduling Coordinator for Home Care

First in Care Home Health Agency is looking for a Scheduling Coordinator for their fast paced Private Duty Home Health Agency. Looking for a vibrant, outgoing person to coordinate senior care caregiver schedules. Available to work "on call", nights and weekends. Come and work in a friendly office, which is locally owned and operated. Enjoy [...]

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Senior Caregiver and Companion Care Job Openings

First In Care of Bradenton, FL and Parrish, FL are seeking applicants for Senior Care Home Caregivers to provide in home care to seniors in need of home care. If you are interested in flexible work hours and a personally rewarding career helping others, a career as a Home Health Aide with First In Care [...]

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How Humor Helps the Elderly

Humor is enjoyed among people of all ages, but it turns out it’s particularly healthy for the elderly. That’s because laughter can prevent certain medical conditions for which older people tend to be at risk. Of course, not all senior citizens are aware of how helpful humor can be. That’s why their younger family members [...]

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Join Us at the Manatee County Caregiver Forum – November 9th, 2017

There are few challenges in life more difficult and rewarding than providing care for a loved one. The Manatee County Caregiver Forum has been established to recognize and celebrate caregivers and promote self care through motivational and inspirational speakers, provide education and practical tips in varied areas of care giving and attempt to define services [...]

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