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When you call First in Care Home Health Agency, Inc., chances are that one of our owners, John Bresnick or Dawn Riccio, answers the phone so they can personally address your questions and concerns. Their direct involvement in all aspects of the business, from formulating the plan of care to scheduling the caregivers, as well as direct supervision of each case, truly sets our agency apart. This dedication to quality patient care is our hallmark, from 1-hour bath visits to 24/7 comprehensive care.

What Are the Duties of a Professional Caregiver?

With the demand for direct-care workers projected to rise dramatically over the next decade, caregiving is also one of the few recession-proof professions. If this interests you, read on to learn more about what a typical day might look like once you’ve embarked on your exciting new career as a professional caregiver.

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Preventing Elder Fraud: Real Stories of Caregiver Vigilance

Elderly individuals are often targeted by scammers because they are seen as vulnerable and more trusting. As a caregiver, it is important to be vigilant and take steps to prevent seniors from becoming victims of fraud and scams. What follows are four real-life examples of how caregivers at First In Care have prevented fraud and scams from happening to their clients.

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