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When you call First in Care Home Health Agency, Inc., chances are that one of our owners, John Bresnick or Dawn Riccio, answers the phone so they can personally address your questions and concerns. Their direct involvement in all aspects of the business, from formulating the plan of care to scheduling the caregivers, as well as direct supervision of each case, truly sets our agency apart. This dedication to quality patient care is our hallmark, from 1-hour bath visits to 24/7 comprehensive care.

Try These Superfoods for Optimal Senior Brain Power

Studies also show that the best brain foods are also those that protect our heart and blood vessels. They’re especially rich in healthful components like B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other antioxidants that promote blood flow and brain health. Here are eight superfoods that promote optimal senior brainpower:

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The Role of Caregiver Guilt: “I Made a Promise.”

Being a more effective caregiver requires the ability to manage negative emotions that can interfere with the quality of care that you provide, including guilt. That said, here are several ways to keep your attitude positive so that your seniors will continue to receive the nurturing they deserve.

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Competition Word Search – February Winners

Each month First In Care is offering a word search or puzzle challenge for a chance to a $25 gift card of your choice and a shot at a gift basket for your office, facility, or hospital wing. Take a break for a chance to win. Fax your completed puzzle back to First In Care to be entered into the drawing at the end of the month.

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Loneliness Could Be Increasing the Risk of Dementia in Seniors

Seniors that feel lonely and isolated are more likely to experience cognitive decline and even are exposed to the risk of dementia than those who stay socially connected. For that special senior in your life, here’s why good brain health often results in a higher quality of life.

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