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Try These Superfoods for Optimal Senior Brain Power

Studies also show that the best brain foods are also those that protect our heart and blood vessels. They’re especially rich in healthful components like B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other antioxidants that promote blood flow and brain health. Here are eight superfoods that promote optimal senior brainpower:

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Personalize Your Senior’s Diet During National Nutrition Month

Aging-in-place seniors that become malnourished oftentimes face unique health challenges that place their independence at risk. March is National Nutrition Month, making it the perfect time to learn about ways to personalize your loved one’s plate so their body gets the nutrition it needs.  

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5 Healthy Snacks for Malnourished Seniors

If you’re serving as a caregiver for an elderly loved one who’s not eating like they should, it can be challenging to find snacks for them that are both healthy and appetizing. To assist your efforts, here are 5 tasty and nutritious and healthy snacks your senior might enjoy.

How to Prevent, Detect & Treat Dehydration in Aging Adults

Dehydration can occur at any age, with seniors being more at risk than other adults. This article summarizes the role of fluid in our bodies, and the effects of aging on fluid balance. It then provides you with tips for preventing your parent from becoming dehydrated. You’ll read about signs of dehydration in aging adults and treatment for those who need extra help to return to a healthy fluid balance.

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