We’ve all seen pictures of exhausted, PPE-attired health care workers finishing up their shifts while serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. You might even be a health care professional or live with one. During the COVID-19 outbreak these heroes oftentimes battle stress, fatigue and depression while doing their jobs. In addition to keeping us safe, those brave men and women have families of their own that love and rely upon them. Here are 4 great ways to show health care professionals everywhere just how much they’re appreciated.

Health Care Professionals Serve Many Roles

Roughly 18 million Americans work in the healthcare field as doctors, nurses, techs, nursing assistants, pharmacists, therapists, CNAs and more. Healthcare professionals serve vital roles within various settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Surgery centers
  • Cancer centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Home care agencies
  • Nursing homes

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) women account for 80% of the total healthcare workforce. Male or female, many health care professionals are now being asked to place their lives at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s How to Say “Thanks”

Since warm handshakes and grateful hugs aren’t a good idea right now, these are 4 safer ways to say “thanks” to health care workers everywhere:

Buy Them Some Food

Working longer shifts builds healthy appetites. Uber recently started delivering free meals to first responders and health care workers in the US through their Uber Eats service. Another group in Ireland created a GoFundMe page called Feed the Heroes.

Follow those examples by contacting your local hospital or medical facility and asking them how you can send food directly to their employees. If you know people in the community who are serving on the front lines, offer to pay for their groceries or buy their families dinner some night. If you’re careful, you can even do a grocery run for them and leave the food on their doorstep.

Provide Childcare and Pet Assistance

Many health care professionals also have children. With most schools and daycare centers now temporarily closed, volunteer to assist them with their childcare needs. If they have a pet like a dog, offer to walk and feed their furry companion while they are working their shift. While you’re at it, consider reaching out to an elderly neighbor or family member who could use some help taking care of their pet.

Support Charities that Help Health Care Workers

Remember when the COVID-19 crisis began how health care professionals couldn’t get enough protective gear? Thankfully, dozens of companies here in the US have stepped up their production efforts to provide millions of N95 masks, gowns and other PPE. There’s also been a strong grassroots movement whereby average people started sewing masks and other forms of protective gear from home.

Search for websites of charities and organizations that are providing health care professionals with the PPE they need, and then donate to those worthy causes. Although you’ll be doing so behind the scenes, your much-appreciated financial contributions will ultimately benefit the heroes who are risking it all on our behalf.

Donate Blood

Although hospitals need specific supplies to treat COVID-19 patients, there are still people every day coming to ERs with non-coronavirus related injuries and illnesses. Those patients sometimes need blood transfusions and many blood drives have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Taking the time to donate blood through your local American Red Cross donation center will not only help patients, it will also make life easier for the health care professionals who treat them.

We Stand Proudly with Our Health Care Heroes

At First In Care we proudly support our team of health care professionals who serve on the front lines every day while assisting families in our community. Without our brave and dedicated home care workers we wouldn’t be able to provide those families with the vital services needed so their independent loved ones can age gracefully in place with dignity and self-assurance.

Our family trusted services include personal care, companionship care, home making and skilled nursing care. We are a fully licensed and insured home care agency that uses a unique approach to keep seniors safe and comfortable right where they want to be. To learn more about First In Care’s team of compassionate heroes today, or to schedule a complimentary home care assessment for a senior in Manatee County, FL, now, please visit us at: www.firstincare.com.