The coronavirus pandemic has caused most Americans to rethink their personal hygiene and house cleaning habits. According to the CDC, COVID-19 is more dangerous for persons aged 60-and-above, including those with health problems like asthma, chronic lung disease and diabetes. If your elderly loved one is receiving some professional home care right now, cleaning and sanitizing their home before and after caregiver visits is now more important than ever before. Using these cleaning and disinfecting tips will help keep everyone safer.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Your overall goal is protecting your loved one and creating a safer work environment for their caregiver. For starters, be sure to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, use a good hand sanitizer in between hand washings, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Also practice social distancing while around others and wear a cloth face covering while out in public.

If you feel like you have any COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home and promptly contact your doctor for further instructions. If your senior feels sick notify their physician and caregiver. Any caregiver that works for a reputable home care agency has already been trained on COVID-19 safety protocols. If you have any questions about the agency’s policies speak with a supervisor.

Before the Caregiver Arrives

Anytime your loved one’s caregiver is scheduled for a visit prepare the home beforehand by taking these steps:


Put on disposable gloves and then use soap and water to clean all high-touch surfaces like tables, doorknobs, keyboards, phones, toilets, faucets, sinks, light switches, TV remotes and countertops.

Some electronic gadget surfaces, like TV screens, keyboards and tablet screens, can get damaged so clean those by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. You can also place wipeable covers over sensitive surfaces to protect them.


Once all the frequently touched surfaces are clean, go back over them with a good household disinfectant. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label, keep the room well ventilated and wear disposable gloves. You can also make your own disinfecting solution by diluting 1/3 cup of household bleach in one gallon of water.

Soft Surfaces

Also clean all frequently used soft surfaces with your soap and water mixture, like rugs, drapes,
carpeting and upholstery.


Whenever the caregiver cooks meals for your loved one, politely ask them to rinse off the dishes in hot water and place them in the dishwasher. If there’s no dishwasher in the home, ask them to thoroughly wash the dishes and cookware items in hot water.

After the Caregiver has Left

Once the caregiver has finished for the day, repeat the surface cleaning and disinfecting steps that you performed prior to their arrival.

Laundry Items

Respectfully ask the caregiver not to do laundry while they’re there and to instead throw any dirty bed linens, towels, clothing and dust rags into a sealed plastic trash bag for you. That way when you stop by later you can wash the items yourself. Be sure to wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry.


Provide a dedicated, lined trash can for the caregiver to use in a secluded area like a garage or porch. Ask them to only use that trash can and let them know that you will throw the trash out when you get there.

For more information about how to properly clean and disinfect a home, click here now.

Caregivers that Value Your Senior’s Health & Safety

Keeping an aging in place loved one’s home clean and sanitized can be time-consuming and stressful. At First In Care, our goal is maintaining a healthy, safe environment for your loved one so they can continue living comfortably in place right where they want to be. As a fully licensed and insured home care agency, our highly trained caregivers take special precautions and use specific protocols that are designed to prevent the spread of harmful germs like COVID-19.

While serving as an extended family in your loved one’s home, our carefully screened aides can provide services like companionship care, personal care, respite care and even 24-hour care. For your added convenience, all our in-home amenities can be individually personalized into an affordable package based on your budget! To learn more about First In Care now, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation for a senior in Manatee County, FL, please visit: