Your elderly mother loves her Florida condo, but you’ve noticed that she’s starting to slow down. Mom’s having trouble keeping her place clean, paying bills and getting to the store. You’d love to help her out more but live three hours away. And, to complicate matters, mom has also made it very clear that she wants to age in place at home for as long as possible.

As a result, you’ve started investigating home care agencies in her area- but there are a lot of choices. Here’s how to find the right home care company to help ensure mom’s quality of life.

What Services Does Mom Need?

Most independent seniors eventually require some type of daily living assistance as they get older. Dementia, chronic medical conditions and a lack-of-transportation are all issues that families face when trying to find help for their aging loved ones. First, compile a list of services that mom will need to maintain her quality of life as her health declines. Here are some activities of daily living to consider:

  • Health care – Medication management, doctor’s appointments, therapy, etc.
  • Personal care – Dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting and eating
  • Household care – Laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning

Once you’ve compiled your “shopping list”, it’s time to find a reliable home care company. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, the Home Care/Hospice Agency Locator is great place to start.

Do They Screen & Train Their Employees?

Most reputable home care agencies are licensed and insured for their clients’ protection. During the initial screening process, find out if the agency conducts both criminal and driving background checks on all their employees. After all, their representative will be the “eyes and ears” in your loved one’s home. And, you don’t want mom’s expensive jewelry to turn up missing, right? Most agencies display their employee screening policies right on their website.

Also find out if the company provides ongoing training for their staff members, and if they have an emergency plan in place for something like a hurricane or power outage. Speak to a supervisor about the types of continuing education that their employees undergo, and if they have-to be certified first before working with clients.

What do Others Have to Say?

Next, read testimonials on the agency’s website from families they’ve worked with. Also pull up online reviews on Yelp or Google. One of the best ways to learn about a home care company’s reputation is by reading what others have to say. You can also find out more about local agencies from you mom’s neighbors. Or, speak to her doctor about companies that he or she routinely refers patients to, and why.

Can I Interview Mom’s Caregiver?

Most seniors have unique personalities and are set in their ways, so when it comes to your mother, you’ll need to find a caregiver that she’s going to feel comfortable with. Once you’ve whittled down your initial list to a handful of agencies, it’s time to interview her potential caregivers in person.

Schedule a time for you and your mom to sit down with the agency’s director and the caregiving candidate. That’ll give you a chance to look them in the eye and determine if their personality will mesh with your mom’s. If all goes well, the manager should also go through the contract details, costs, what types of insurance they accept, and answer any additional questions you might have.

Reliable In-Home Care for Seniors in Manatee County, FL

Finding a home care company for your loved one that you both agree upon can be hard. At First In Care in Bradenton, we are a private, fully licensed and insured home care agency with compassionate caregivers that are carefully screened and highly trained beforehand. Our agency’s mission is keeping seniors as safe and comfortable as possible so they can stay right where they want to be. With a focus on your loved one’s dignity, independence and self-esteem, our in-home services range from companionship care and personal care, to 24-hour care.

Under the watchful eye of our RN case managers, our reliable caregivers will serve as an extended family in your loved one’s home to ensure a higher quality of life no matter where they choose to live! And, we also accept long-term care insurance and V.A. payments. To read what clients have to say about First In Care, or to speak with a home care advisor about a senior in the Manatee County, FL, area now, please visit us at:!