Many seniors today are choosing to age in place within their own homes with the support of their families. At some point, however, the aging process simply makes it too hard for seniors to get out and participate in activities like they once did.

When a senior becomes homebound, excessive sleep or television viewing is common, and that’s simply not good for their health and wellbeing.

Loneliness and depression can further diminish a senior’s interest in previous activities, notably when they’ve recently lost a spouse. If you are providing care for a homebound senior, finding healthier ways for them to stay entertained is important so that they can keep living at home for many years to come. To assist your efforts, here are several at-home entertainment ideas for seniors that you can try.

Introduce New Hobbies

It’s never too late to try new hobbies. Introduce them to activities they may have never done before, like drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting, working with modeling clay, creative writing, calligraphy, origami, putting together jigsaw puzzles, or listening to music or educational lectures. All can be done at home- even in bed- and in the end the senior will probably discover a hidden and rewarding talent they never knew they had!

Provide an Internet Crash Course

Many seniors underutilize the Internet because they’ve never learned how to use it effectively. Now that they’re homebound, if they have a computer in their house show them the plethora of online capabilities that it affords right at their fingertips. They can use “cyberspace” to stay connected with others using email and social media, or to learn online banking, play games, watch educational videos, start a blog or read informative articles. If they don’t have a computer or Smart Pad, it may be a good investment to buy them one. In the end, the Internet can open up a whole new world for an at-home senior that keeps them mentally sharp and feeling like a vibrant part of the world around them.

Try Other Ways to Stay Connected

If the senior you are assisting just doesn’t want to use a computer for one reason or another, encourage them to correspond with others by writing letters, or simply picking up the phone and making a call. Both are beneficial to seniors as they make them feel appreciated by others while keeping their minds cognitively sharp. Routinely staying connected with their friends, family members and others will also give the senior something to look forward to as the open line of communication continues back and forth.

Working or Volunteering from Home

There are actually many at-home jobs that seniors can do, whether it’s making follow-up phone calls or providing consulting advice to businesses using their past employment experiences. Retired teachers are needed for tutoring students from home, and non-profits can always use more assistance with phone calls, letter writing and more. AARP is a good source for senior at-home job opportunities, so consult their website for details.

Playing a Game is Always Fun

People of all ages enjoy playing board games, and it’s a great way to involve a senior in a fun and mind-stimulating activity. With the advent of the digital age, there are also numerous online games available, like card games and chess. Wii has become very popular for homebound seniors because it exercises both their body and mind at the same time. Board games in general help sharpen a senior’s cognitive abilities, and they also open up opportunities to get several generations together for a few hours of laughter, sharing past memories, and creating new ones.

We Love Entertaining Seniors!

When dealing with a home-bound senior, these entertainment tips will hopefully serve you well. Sometimes when you have your own family and job to take care of, entertaining an at-home senior can simply become overwhelming. When you need a break, a reliable caregiver from First in Care can step in and give you a chance to recharge your batteries. Our caregivers love spending time with seniors, and have the training and know-how to keep them entertained whenever it’s needed.

Whether it’s playing a board game, helping them exercise, transporting them to where they need to be, or just sharing some laughs and good times, our caregivers will provide the companionship that your loved one deserves. First in Care delivers dependable and affordable caregiving services that can be flexibly-tailored to your family’s needs, while restoring your peace-of-mind. For more information on why we are becoming the go-to senior home care choice for families in the Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, Florida areas, call us today.