Regarding independence, it can be challenging to tell a senior that outside help is needed. They’ve been independent for decades, and in many cases, they struggled to attain and maintain it. Unfortunately, as seniors age, there can come a time when they need some help from someone other than a family caregiver – they need in-home care assistance provided by a professional caregiver. How can you be confident that the time has come? You don’t want to suggest it before it’s needed, but you also don’t want to wait too long. Here are five signs your senior loved one needs elder home care.

They’re a danger to themselves

One of the biggest concerns children have concerning aging parents is injury or death due to an accident. If the time has come where your senior loved one is frequently falling, has let their home become a hazard by leaving furniture or bunched up throw rugs in walkways, is increasingly forgetting to turn the stove or oven off…it’s time to suggest home care.

They’re increasingly isolating themselves

It’s a red flag when seniors are spending too much time alone. It’s not always a sign of cognitive decline, but it indicates something is going on. A parent who was always very sociable but no longer wants to be around other people may be experiencing depression and need to have you initiate companionship care to help them reconnect with the outside world.

They’re lonely

After the death of a loved one or the loss of close friends through death or moving away, many seniors experience profound loneliness. They lose interest in hobbies, experience sudden changes in weight, and disconnect from loved ones. An experienced, compassionate home caregiver will help your loved one feel cared for and valued.

They can’t perform daily tasks without help

If your loved one needs assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, or other activities of daily living, it’s time to suggest home care. Not being able to perform routine tasks doesn’t mean they’re ready for a nursing home, but they need personal care services at home, which is one of the primary reasons families use home care agencies.

They’re exhibiting a lack of cleanliness

When a senior who was always groomed meticulously stop caring for their appearance, as well as that of their home (spoiled food in the kitchen, an unusually dirty home, signs of hoarding), a home care agency that provides meal preparation and light housekeeping is needed.

If you’re seeing any of these traits in your loved one, it’s time to have that crucial conversation with them and suggest elder home care. Assure them that they’re not totally giving up their independence, and they’ll just be receiving a little more help.

First In Care Can Help

When it’s time for senior care services in Bradenton and Manatee County, it’s time to call First In Care. We’ll help your loved ones get the attention and support they need with companion care, home health services, and more.

After thoroughly reviewing your loved one’s needs, our director will instruct your caregiver on the specific care to keep your loved one safe and happy at home. Contact us today to visit with a staff member, learn more about our services, and receive personal care recommendations.