As people age, they tend to slow down physically and often depend on others to help with daily tasks. But, this doesn’t mean they should stop being active. On the contrary, activity promotes physical and mental health, which are vital for seniors to enjoy their later years. Searching for ways to keep your seniors active at home can be challenging, but it’s a positive step that needs to be taken. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Daily Walks

Walking is one of the easiest and most helpful forms of exercise. No special equipment is needed; only a comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers to walk in. Daily walks don’t have to be long; 30 – 60 minutes is enough to help seniors’ circulation and heart health. And, if they can’t get outside, they can walk around inside their house each day to keep active.

Stay Socially Connected

Even though seniors are at home, they can remain socially active. Encourage them to have family and friends visit or enjoy long phone visits. Many seniors especially appreciate video calls; they love seeing children and grandchildren.

Also, many groups meet online or via Zoom meetings. Have your senior loved ones join a group or two centered around their interests, such as music, books, old movies, or games.

Household Chores

Helping with certain household chores can keep a senior engaged and physically active. Of course, they don’t have to do anything physically demanding, like running the vacuum or carrying heavy trash outside.

But, they may be able to help with light housekeeping, such as dusting, doing laundry, or helping with gardening.

Baking and Cooking

Some of your senior loved one’s favorite memories will be centered around times they spent baking and cooking for loved ones, particularly during holidays and special occasions.

If they are physically able and can prepare a meal or bake a dessert by themselves, encourage them to do so. If they have mobility limitations, they can sit at the kitchen table and help cut vegetables, mix the batter, or do other non-taxing things to help prepare a meal or bake a treat.


Dancing is one of the seniors’ favorite activities, especially dancing to music they grew up with and enjoyed as adults. Dancing can also be done in the comfort of their own home. Just clear out an area, remove any obstacles they could trip over, and let them cut loose. Whether they’re dancing the Charleston, the Funky Chicken, or showing off one of their old disco moves, join in and make a great memory together.

Play Brain Games

Playing games not only is a great way to pass the time but games that require thinking and some strategy can help keep cognitive decline limited. Many seniors love to play cards (rummy, bridge, pinochle, etc.), play dominoes, and enjoy board games. Games keep them active and can bring you closer together.

First in Care can help your senior loved ones remain active at home in Bradenton. Our trained and skilled caregivers love to provide companion care and join in on the fun activities we’ve talked about.

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