For a senior with limited mobility, getting outside takes a lot of energy and can be exhausting. Getting dressed, putting shoes on, and getting out the door can not only be physically tiring for a senior, but it can also be intimidating. Nevertheless, it’s vital for adults aging in place to get outside regularly, breathe some fresh air, and change up their surroundings. Studies show that getting outside daily lowers the risk of having various health problems, such as sleep loss and chronic pain.

If your loved one is resistant to venturing outside, these are some ideas to help them regain their desire for fresh air and sunshine, and possibly establish a routine of spending time outdoors.

Sit by an open window

Have them sit by an open window for a few minutes each day and enjoy the fresh air. They can enjoy their morning coffee feeling a gentle breeze on their face or spend some time in the afternoon reading. This can inspire them to spend more time outside.

Spend time on a covered patio or porch

Suggest they spend more time on a covered patio or porch, or a fenced backyard (if they have one). Your loved one may feel safer and more comfortable if they can be outdoors in a private space without the feeling that neighbors or strangers are watching them.

Build a bird feeder

Set up a bird feeder they can see from a porch or window so they can do some bird watching. If they enjoy it, enlist their help with keeping the feeder full. You can also move the feeder or put another in a different location, like a nearby park, to motivate them to venture out a bit further from home.

Plant a small garden

Plant a small garden or some flowers. New seedlings are fascinating to watch as they grow and develop each day, and certain plants can attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Planting in the backyard lets seniors keep in touch with nature and admire the blooms without going far from home. It may even inspire them to visit the local garden center for new plants or go to a nearby botanical garden.

Run errands

Have them go outside to do something simple and helpful, like get the mail every day. It will give them a few minutes of fresh air, help them feel useful, and maintain or improve their stamina and coordination.

Indoor hobbies

Incorporate their favorite indoor hobbies and activities with the outdoors. For example, if they’re a music lover, find outdoor performances or concerts locally. Or, have them invite their grandkids over to play in the backyard or be part of a family backyard barbecue or picnic.

The caregivers at First In Care love spending time outdoors with the seniors they care for in Bradenton and Manatee County. They’re committed to helping seniors age comfortably at home, and they’re trained to assist older adults with mobility challenges to move around the house and yard safely.

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