What isn’t hard about being in the hospital?

Because of their difficulty with change, many seniors struggle with being away from familiar surroundings and the comforts of home they enjoy so much. As a family member, you may have feelings of guilt that you can’t be there 24/7 for your loved one because of work or other family obligations.

What can you do to help the senior in your life who is a patient in the hospital feel as comfortable as possible? There’s no place like home, but here are five things you can do to help them make the most of a hospital stay.

1. Rally the Troops

Keep friends and family updated on the patient’s condition and encourage them to make a personal visit to the hospital.  Patients are very encouraged by family members, friends, and faith leaders who take the time to come and visit them.

2. Make Their Hospital Room “Homey”

Bring them their favorite pillow, bedsheets, and blankets. Also, place pictures they have on dressers, nightstands, or anywhere else at home around their hospital room. Hospital staff will ask the patient about the photographs, which seniors love to talk about.

3. Play Their Favorite Music for Them

Music is good for the soul, and it can really lift the spirits of patients. Listening to old favorites relaxes them and brings back fond memories of times past.

4. Help Them Enjoy Eating

Hospital food doesn’t have a great reputation; it’s geared to be nutritious and well-balanced to help a patient recover. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them their favorite snack, dessert, or a home-cooked meal to help them not feel as homesick.

5. Arrange for a Hospital Companion

Family and friends can’t always be there, but there are home care agencies that provide “hospital companions.” Your loved one will receive services that will help them handle the stressful and challenging ups and downs of a hospital stay. Services include:

  • Companionship
  • Performing personal care (bathing, grooming, etc.)
  • Feeding assistance and companionship during meals
  • Documenting doctors and nurse visits
  • Overnight care
  • And more

Shortening Recovery Time

Hospital stays are becoming noticeably shorter, which is not necessarily helpful to many seniors who need more time to recover after an accident or having surgery. As a result, one in five seniors who have been in the hospital are readmitted within thirty days after discharge.

Seniors often need transitional care as they arrive at home. Having a professional home care aide, like those at First In Care, can shorten recovery time and reduce the chance of readmittance. All of our staff undergo a drug test and criminal background check and receive ongoing training.

First In Care has provided compassionate home care to seniors throughout the greater Bradenton area for over ten years. Contact us today to arrange for your complimentary home care assessment.