Greetings to All!

We have decided to send out a weekly update to our clients and staff to give you updated information regarding First In Care measures to continue serving our clients in the safest and healthiest manner possible while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff.

To date, April 15, 2020, First In Care is happy to report that we have NO confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 with any of our clients or staff! Kudos to all for your vigilance in following the recommendations of prevention!

Update on PPE

Additionally, we now have received masks for all of our clients! The masks will be delivered to you by your FIC caregiver so that you do not have to worry about picking them up from our office. The caregiver will show you how to wear the mask as well as keep it cleaned.

Should you not receive your mask by Monday, April 20th, please contact our office to let us know. As well we now have a designated employee who is doing shopping for our clients! This shopping is for essential supplies and medicine. Please call our office at (941) 746-8400 should you need us to do any shopping for you.

COVID-19 Protocol & Procedure

On a final note we want to send out our Protocol Procedures to ensure the caregivers are fully aware and the clients are notified and feel comfortable.

  1. First and foremost, we request that any of our clients who are not feeling well regarding symptoms of COVID-19 to contact our offices to notify us so that we can assist you in making determinations.
  2. All Caregivers are required to communicate with clients or client family members BEFORE entering the home to see if the client is experiencing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. They will ask how the client is feeling and if they have a temperature. If the client is experiencing a fever, cough, fatigue or upset stomach; the caregiver will not be able to come into the home and will contact the FIC office immediately. Should the client pass screening, the caregiver will go ahead and come into home to provide service.
  3. The caregiver will be wearing a mask and gloves when they enter the home and also when they are in proximity of less than six feet of a client or client family member. Should it not be necessary to wear gloves, upon entering, the caregiver will always remove and dispose the gloves they were wearing; and if necessary/or requested, they will put fresh gloves on. Note: The clients who receive direct care from a caregiver; both the client and caregiver need to both wear a mask during the visit.
  4. The caregivers will be disinfecting their masks and shoes (top and bottom) between clients by spraying with a disinfectant spray and as well disposing of gloves and sanitizing hands before putting on new gloves on. When in transit between clients, before entering their vehicle, caregivers are also making sure to spray disinfectant on clothing and shoes, waiting 45 seconds to dry, and then sanitizing hands.
  5. We request that both clients and/or caregivers notify the FIC office if someone is not complying with these necessary procedures.

In closing, our many thanks for allowing us to serve you and for continuing to be a part our First In Care family and our thanks to our staff for their tremendous compassion for helping others!

Stay Healthy and Be Well!