Incorporating physical activity into our daily routines to help maintain a healthy lifestyle is vital for everyone, including seniors. A regular exercise routine helps seniors feel more energetic and helps them manage the everyday aches and pains that are part of aging. Fitness professionals have recommended yoga for seniors for some time, believing it to be one of the best forms of exercise for older adults. Over time, and done with the proper form, yoga can improve a senior’s health, physically and mentally.

The benefits of yoga for seniors include:

Promotes relaxation

Yoga is a relaxing way for seniors to let go of any tension they’re holding in their bodies, especially in their shoulders and upper back.  Because it incorporates the practice of mindfulness, yoga also eases anxiety for seniors by having them focus solely on the pose and their breathing.

Facilitates deeper breathing

While practicing yoga, instructors encourage seniors to breathe a particular way through each pose and send oxygen throughout the body. This helps the participant enjoy an increased sense of vitality, which boosts older adults’ health.

Boosts blood circulation

Yoga provides just enough physical exertion to increase blood circulation without overexerting seniors. Yoga also allows the participant to do a few poses at a time and rest when they need to.

Increases flexibility

There are many poses to choose from, your loved one can choose those that target parts of their body where their muscles are especially tight, such as their hamstrings or back.

Strengthens their core

A strong core regulates a person’s balance and can help your senior regain theirs if they stumble or trip, preventing a dangerous fall.

Provides a social opportunity

Yoga classes are a great way to get a senior out to mingle. It can also be practiced at home with the help of a caregiver who can provide gentle support as they stretch and bend. In addition, the social aspect of exercise helps older adults stay motivated and continue working out.

Reduces blood pressure

Exercise, including yoga, helps seniors keep their blood pressure in a healthy range. And, with yoga, your loved one can control how long they work out, keeping them from overexerting themselves and having their blood pressure spike.

Improves sleeping

The increased relaxation that accompanies yoga has been reported by many seniors to be a natural sleep aid that helps them sleep longer and more soundly, which is often an issue for older adults.

Alleviates aches and pains

Even if they have some physical limitations, yoga helps seniors by easing the aches and pains associated with growing older. Its especially beneficial to teach those suffering from osteoarthritis to relax through any chronic pain.

Seniors needing assistance with yoga can often benefit from professional in-home care. The compassionate caregivers at First In Care can assist your loved one with daily activities like cooking, light housekeeping, shopping, bathing, and more. Whether your loved one living in Bradenton or Manatee County needs assistance a few hours a day or around the clock, call us today at (941) 269-3428. We’d love to help your loved one age in place.

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