People want to live a full and rewarding life for as long as possible, and seniors are no exception. Independence is a big source of feelings of competence and self-esteem. But when you start noticing that some of your skills are less reliable than they once were, your confidence can take a real dip. The perfect solution is to find a living arrangement that enables as much independence as possible for as long as possible. Here’s how independent living can improve seniors’ mental health.

Medical Help Only When Needed

Many seniors only need occasional medical assistance. Sometimes you may not need help at all. But it can provide peace of mind to know that it is available with just a brief call to an onsite health care team. This allows seniors living alone to feel like they’re still independent and in control, maintaining self-esteem as long as possible. You can be reassured knowing that high-quality medical care is right at hand if you need it, but you won’t be bothered when you don’t.

The Benefits of Community

Having a community of friends and acquaintances is one of the secrets to living longer and healthier lives. When you live in an assisted living facility, you have the benefits of having a private residence, while also having a built-in community at hand. You can have friends to join for dinner and to play games with. Compared to living alone, being in an independent, assisted-living facility can give you a whole host of new social opportunities. Loneliness is a common problem for many seniors, but it doesn’t have to affect you when you have a social network at home.

Fewer Worries of Home Maintenance

Keeping up with maintaining a home is far more difficult as time goes by. Home maintenance often requires a lot of time and physical strength. You may not be ready to give up the freedom of an independent lifestyle, but being free from the responsibilities of maintaining a home can improve your state of mind. You’ve worked hard your whole life–you’ve earned the right to an easier and more peaceful lifestyle.

Fewer Bills to Manage

Living in an all-inclusive facility offers more freedom to enjoy life, just like the lack of home maintenance. Trying to keep up with due dates for utilities, taxes, and insurance can be overwhelming. It can be incredibly embarrassing if you miss a due date and face a utility shut-off, which can in turn lead to a loss of self-esteem. You can spare yourself the embarrassment and keep your confidence intact when your living arrangement has all bills included.

Access to More Amenities

Another way that assisted living facilities can help improve senior mental health is through the increased access to amenities. You may not have had access to a gym or other exercise facilities in your home before. Numerous studies show that exercise has enormous benefits for boosting mental health and fighting depression. In some studies, exercise was as effective as antidepressants in treating depression.

Proactive Observation to Stay Healthier

As seniors get older, medical conditions can develop slowly over time. Medical professionals may not notice subtle changes that occur over a period of months. But when you live in an assisted living facility, the staff sees you on a daily basis and are better able to observe small changes in your health. By detecting changes sooner, you can get help more quickly. That proactive care can keep you healthy a lot longer.

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