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Convincing Seniors to Stay Off Ladders and Stepstools

Now that they’re both in their 70s, you’re concerned one of them is going to experience a serious fall that will interfere with their ability to age in place. What should you do? What follows are several reliable ways to help convince your aging parents to avoid ladders and stepstools.

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Helping Your Aging Parents Downsize Their Home

Helping your aging parents downsize may seem like a scary task. For those taking care of their elderly family members, it is a pivotal point that an individual must handle with understanding, delicacy, and care. Downsizing a home also might mean that your parent is going through some changes in living arrangements, which can make a senior anxious. With some care and a few tips from experienced professionals, you can make downsizing your aging parent's home much more comfortable for everyone involved.

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Emergency Preparation Plan for Seniors

Many seniors who are still living at home have special daily living requirements and medical needs that must be addressed within their emergency preparation plans. If you have an elderly loved one who’s still aging in place close by, or especially in another state, it’s important to discuss disaster preparedness with them before the next event presents itself. To assist your efforts, here are some tips on devising an emergency preparation plan for seniors to consider.

When is Home Care Helpful?

There are many ways that home care can be helpful for seniors and their family members. Home care can help for short periods of time, for extended periods, or around-the-clock in certain circumstances. Here are the most common reasons families set up home care for a loved one. Ways which home care is helpful There [...]

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How Humor Helps the Elderly

Humor is enjoyed among people of all ages, but it turns out it’s particularly healthy for the elderly. That’s because laughter can prevent certain medical conditions for which older people tend to be at risk. Of course, not all senior citizens are aware of how helpful humor can be. That’s why their younger family members [...]

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How Independent Living Can Improve Seniors’ Mental Health

People want to live a full and rewarding life for as long as possible, and seniors are no exception. Independence is a big source of feelings of competence and self-esteem. But when you start noticing that some of your skills are less reliable than they once were, your confidence can take a real dip. The [...]

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