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Caring for a Senior with Incontinence

Millions of elderly Americans deal with the embarrassment and uncertainty caused by urinary incontinence. More common in older women, incontinence can interfere with an at-home senior’s ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. When you’re serving as a caregiver for an older loved one who’s still aging independently in place, poor bladder control can frustrate you both. Here are some proven ways to proactively care for a senior with incontinence.

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Convincing an Aging Parent to Accept At-Home Care

You love your parent, and want to provide them with the nurturing they need so that they can continue aging in place within the comfort of their own home. So what do you do? Convincing an aging parent that’s hesitant to accept at-home care is never easy. What follows are several ideas from experts you can use to help facilitate a smoother and more successful process.

How Independent Living Can Improve Seniors’ Mental Health

People want to live a full and rewarding life for as long as possible, and seniors are no exception. Independence is a big source of feelings of competence and self-esteem. But when you start noticing that some of your skills are less reliable than they once were, your confidence can take a real dip. The [...]

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