It’s a fact of life – our bodies tend to slow down as we get older, and it takes effort to keep our energy levels up. It can become easy to slip into lethargy and find reasons to abstain from activity, leading to feeling even more stagnant and tired. How can seniors keep their energy levels up and maintain their zest for life? Senior engaged in healthy activities bring enjoyment to their life and positively impacts their mental and emotional well-being.

Here are five activities that you or your senior loved one can try to help you live a fulfilling and active life in your golden years.

Join a group exercise class

Group exercise classes for seniors, such as yoga, dance, and aerobics, will keep you active and healthy. Exercising with like-minded seniors will also motivate you to challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone – it’s easier to try new things when you’re part of a group. In addition, you’ll be more likely to exercise consistently and stick with it because of the accountability that comes with working out with others.

Get outdoors

One of the best ways to feel refreshed and reinvigorated is to spend time outdoors in the fresh air. You can take a walk, go hiking, or just go for a stroll in your neighborhood. You’ll feel your energy level get a boost, especially if you’ve spent most of the day indoors.

You can also do fun activities outdoors like meditation, painting, bird-watching, caring for animals, and gardening.

Go dancing

Dancing is a great way to stay active – and it’s fun. You can take a dance class, go to a local salsa club, or go to a Zumba class with your friends. Dancing will stimulate you physically and mentally as you challenge yourself to coordinate moving to music. It strengthens memory in seniors, and it will help you feel more energized and refreshed. Dances you can try to include Jazzercise, Zumba, swing dancing, salsa, and ballroom dancing.


Giving back is another great way to stay active. Helping out at a local museum, shelter, or organization lets you give back to others, provides a feeling of purpose, and reduces feelings of isolation. Your wisdom and experience can help you serve in many capacities, like being a museum docent, tour guide, or active group member of a local charity.

Take a class

Education is another way to keep your mental capacities strong. Taking classes at a community center or local college is a great way to stay mentally fit and meet other people. Workshops and seminars are also a great way to stay engaged.

Community centers often offer fun classes like jewelry making, painting, glassblowing, and other arts and crafts classes. Lifelong learning will help you stay sharp.

Companionship from a First In Care in-home caregiver also helps seniors in Bradenton and Manatee County stay active and engaged. Our caregivers love sharing social activities, hobbies, and neighborhood walks with our clients. In addition, we’ll help with pet care, transportation for errands and appointments, and we provide many more services for seniors.

To learn more about First In Care senior home care, call us today at (941) 269-2778 or complete this short form. We look forward to serving your family.